Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So I'm using TwitterFeed to publish anything I blog here to my Twitter followers (not that I have many, but that's not the point).

Actually I added TwitterFeed as an experiment with my new Yahoo OpenID (since TwitterFeed supports OpenID), but it does have the following benefits:
  • I have an alternative to GTalk and SMS to post tweets.
  • My Paulytron blog content is tweeted.

But it would seem to have one not insignificant drawback:
  • My Paulytron blog content is tweeted.
I thought Twitter tweets are supposed to be "micro-blog" content. And indeed some Paulytron posts will qualify.

But anyone who knows me knows how long-winded I can be. And some blog entries are appropriately "macro" anyway. Maybe there's a way to control which blogs get posted as Twitter tweets...

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paulytron said...

Okay, I figured it out. The tweet has the tinyURL to the actual blog. Maybe I can figure out how to do the capsule summary so Twitter doesn't just post the first 80-or-whatever-it-is characters.