Wednesday, July 16, 2008

iPhone and Apple, a jaundiced view

A jaundiced view from Dave Winer that I don’t necessarily disagree with. Even as I laud iPhone as the game-changer it is (I don’t own one and won’t as long as ATT is my only supported carrier choice).

And even as I let everyone I can know that my move to Mac from Windows is one of the best moves I’ve made in personal technology in a long, long time. But for me the ideal PC would have:

- The Mac’s sense of seamless design aesthetics and “it just works” for non-geek users

- The Windows MSFT Office stack (sorry, not the OpenOffice one, and not the Mac version of Office either)

- The Linux robustness, hardware openness and openness to development innovation

All of this only means is that the open versus closed system war is far from being decided.

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